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Iran in Miniskirt. Middle Eastern despotism, from hijab to low neckline and back

In September a 22-year-old Iranian woman named Mahsa Amini was horribly murdered, actually, beaten to death in Tehran downtown for not wearing a hijab properly. This cruel execution carried out by the «morality police» caused outrage not only in Iran, but throughout the world.

Girl Who Was «Corrected». Nine-year-old Aliya’s father and stepmother forcibly circumcised the girl, but the law didn’t protect her, but those who crippled her

In 2019 a nine-year-old girl from Grozny underwent an operation of female genital mutilation. Glasnaya publishes a monologue by the girl’s mother, who tells a story about how the ignorance of the Middle Ages not just penetrates people’s minds, but also corrupts state institutions.

«Мой грех. Я убила» История Лены, которую бил муж и которая не смогла смотреть на то, как избивают другую, незнакомую женщину
“My sin. I killed.” The story of Lena, who was beaten by her husband and could not bear to see another woman, a stranger, beaten

The lack of measures to prevent domestic violence annually takes the lives of some women and cripples the fate of others.

“My butt will stop hurting today but I will never forget this.” A story of Katya Goroshko, who has been recovering for years from the trauma of having been abused by her parents as a child

Katya’s dad used to buy her shoes that were two sizes smaller to make her “build up stamina,” throw books at her because she wouldn’t memorize a poem well enough, or hit her for being late for a meeting.

“Russia won’t change itself.” A story of an opposition deputy, Daria Besedina

Daria Besedina, an architect and member of the “Urban Projects” organization, has become one of the independent deputies who managed to enter the Moscow City Duma. Glasnaya talked to Daria about how she stopped being politically indifferent and why it is important not to be afraid when standing up for the Russia of the future.

“Being a woman in Russia is like playing the boss level in a game.” A story of Valeriya Volodina who found protection from domestic abuse and cyberbullying only in applying to the European Court, twice

Valeriya Volodina is the first Russian woman to have been awarded compensation by the European Court of Human Rights in a domestic violence case.

“Freedom of speech is about self-respect.” Why Galina Arapova has been defending the rights of journalists in Russia for a quarter of a century now

Galina Arapova told Glasnaya why pretty much the only organization that professionally asserts the journalists’ rights to the freedom of speech works from Voronezh. She also reflected on whether you can keep your sanity living with the ‘foreign agent’ label.

“A housewife won the election.” The story of Sofia Pugachyova, the head of a northern countryside district who is putting a human face on the government

In 2010 Sofia Pugachyova moved from St. Petersburg to a remote village near Pskov. A few years later, she ran for an election from the Yabloko party and was elected as the head of the district government. It is the first time the district is headed by an opposition party representative.

«There will come a day when we will tell our kids that Russia once used to be xenophobic». A story of Zarnigor Omonillaeva who helps immigrants from Central Asia

These days, women from Central Asia are leaving their countries to work in Russia. There are many problems they have to face including «temporary» husbands, unintended pregnancies, and, as a result, unwanted children.

“I just have two moms”. A story of a family that might not have a “normal dad” but certainly has love and trust

Alex is 18, she loves hanging out with her friends, horse riding, camping, and her mom. Her mom’s name is Mariko, she is 39, and she is in a polyamorous relationship with her girlfriend. The interview for Glasnaya was the first time for Alex and Mariko to publicly speak about their life and sexuality.

“Nobody wanted my daughter to die like this.” A story of an activist Anastasia Shevchenko

Having spent 2 years under house arrest, a Rostov-on-Don activist Anastasia Shevchenko got a suspended sentence for association with “undesirable organizations.” She became the first person to have been convicted under the new article of the Penal Code.

“Taking parental leave wasn’t considered a manly thing to do.” A story of Alexey Pechenin who had to quit his job to “take parental leave”

According to surveys, 27% of Russian men are prepared to take parental leave. However, only 2% of all parents who took parental leave were men.